"Life is meaningless"


  • She's a zombie commander that's 3 colors. Sure, you got your Thraximundars, Sidisi, Brood Tyrants and Sedris, the Traitor Kings, but Varina is the only 3-color zombie commander made with the tribe in mind. Also, there are a bunch of very good white zombies and utility cards that makes the third color a welcome addition.
  • Other classical zombie commanders are either slow, inefficient or are simply too limiting. Gisa and Geralf aren't even zombies, plus the card advantage of being able to cast only one zombie from your graveyard per turn is very slow. Grimgrin, Corpse-Born is just a sacrifice outlet that does not have many synergies with zombies themselves. It encourages an aristocrats strategy, not a zombies strategy. Ghoulcaller Gisa is somewhat good, being able to generate a pretty big army, but sadly she is only limited to black and requires tapping to work, so there will usually be a turn delay before her powerful activated ability can be used. The Scarab God is a good commander, but its ability to turn other things into zombies makes it so that you won't have to be limited to just zombie cards, allowing you to play a UB Value deck rather than a dedicated zombie strategy. The deck is good but impure by zombie standards.
  • Her abilities incentivize a more aggressive strategy than is typical of other zombie decks. While the other zombie commanders are more passive in the way they obtain value, Varina gets straight up in the faces of your helpless victims to get her filter engine going. Furthermore, her filtering ability lets us discard useless cards while digging for the cards needed to answer the situation at hand, whether it is finding a card draw engine or an answer. If you want to get into zombies and get your hands dirty with aggression, this is the commander for you.
Varina looks to get on board quickly and use Varina’s powerful filtering ability to sculpt our hand. The best non-sol ring early game involves playing a bunch of mediocre 1-2 drops that will make Varina’s filtering strong out of the gate. Any early-game zombies that are drawn late can simply be discarded to the filtering, keeping only the best cards. Here's what the general plan looks like:

  1. Play some cheap zombies
  2. Play varina
  3. Use Varina's filtering ability to try and find one of our powerful card draw engines. Alhammarret's Archive, Bolas's Citadel, Graveborn Muse, Kindred Discovery, Necropotence, and Rhystic Study are the most powerful, with Liliana, the Last Hope, Cryptbreaker, Lord of the Undead, Midnight Reaper, and Undead Augur working great as well, but we would rather have one of the former engines due to the raw amount of cards they are capable of drawing
  4. 4. Snowball out of control
  5. Profit

Note to self: Out: nightscape familiar

In: bridge from below


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