Mono white control with a commander that is severely under utilized. Initially this concept was inspired by an article I read at random on EDHREC after a bit of a hiatus from the game.

As many who also love this game have likely done I have embarked on the quest to build a deck of each mono color. White is the final step in that journey and it’s one I’ve struggled with. I wanted something different. Something interesting. Enter Lieutenant Kirtar . From the moment I saw him I saw potential. Something new, something maybe quirky and interesting.

Care to join me in the quest to make this bird soldier all he can be?

Currently the deck has adopted a control theme. Using various enchantments and creatures to generate value in the form of slowing down the game and my opponents while hopefully gaining life so that we can lean into a winning via Life strategy. To this end I've added Felidar Sovereign and Test of Endurance as ways to just win by having enough life to meet the conditions.

Additionally I've chosen cards that more or less passively gaining life while also performing another function that helps the gameplan. Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant are non threatening creatures that simply give you 1 life. Not much for an opponent to care about at first but they pile up and more and more creatures are played. Ashes of the Abhorrent shuts off some graveyard strategies while not preventing our own and gaining us life for each creature that dies. Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience slow our opponents while giving us other avenues to reach our goal.

All that being said sooner or later your opponents will come at you. Especially if you've played one of the things thats gonna allow you to win. The moment something like Felidar Sovereign enters the field the game goes from passive multiplayer to archenemy. Thus I've chosen a selection of cards to help keep us safe in the event everyone comes at us guns blazing. Emergence Zone is quickly becoming a bit of a personal favorite and it should be noted it's, like many of the other utility lands, is fetchable by Weathered Wayfarer . The other is Scout's Warning . Either of those selections are your best options for sneaking a quick win because they allow you to drop the sovereign, at least at the end step of the opponent who's turn is directly before yours. Little time to prepare means little chance to stop it.

All that being said things won't always go our way. Maybe they have a board wipe and a means to cast it. Faith's Reward and other such effects are included to save the day. Maybe they want to swing at you with an army of tokens and make sure no longer have the life necessary to use those cheap victory spells. Angel of the Dire Hour and Seht's Tiger both have your back.

This deck is still in the very early stages of testing and as far as I know Lieutenant Kirtar is very much uncharted EDH territory. I'll be updating this as I get more time to play around with it. If this deck happens to find some traction I may even write a primer for it.

Upvotes and suggestions are appreciated!


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