A BG Beast Whisperer combo elves deck. The addition of Leyline of Abundance let's us play Beast Whisperer on turn 2 and hopefully go off on turn 3. The London Mulligan makes it more likely to get an opening hand with Leyline of Abundance , Beast Whisperer , and a mana dork. In theory this makes a turn 3 Craterhoof Behemoth possible, though not very likely.


The 4x Windswept Heath are both for fixing as well as thinning the deck to help smooth out the draws off Beast Whisperer . Winding Way is great for refueling the hand, and Finale of Devastation can tutor up a needed elf or a sideboard answer from the library or the graveyard, and can also act as a wincon if X >= 10.

When you get a good draw this list can be pretty awesome, and it is possible to draw and play the whole deck and drop a Craterhoof on turn 3 or 4. One problem is after turn 3 or 4, if the game is still going, Leyline doesn't really do a whole lot for the deck, as it has no synergy with Heritage Druid. So after some testing I think the real purpose if Leyline is getting out a turn 2 Beast Whisperer, making the ideal starting hand:

  1. >= 1x land that taps for green (17x in deck)
  2. >= 1x Leyline of Abundance (4x in deck)
  3. >= 1x mana dork (10x in deck)
  4. >= 1x Beast Whisperer (4x in deck)

The math comes out to a 10.9% chance of getting that in your opening hand, which is pretty awful. But luckily we have the London Mulligan now! So if we allow for mulliganing down to 4 cards (and assuming I did my maths right), the chances of getting that starting hand goes up to 37%! Higher, but still pretty bad :(

However, having an Archdruid in place of the Beast Whisperer is still pretty alright, and gives us a more traditional elves start (and Leyline lets us turn 2 Archdruid even if we miss the second land drop). Running the maths again, it comes out to a 54.3% chance of getting a starting hand of:

  1. >= 1x land that taps for green (17x in deck)
  2. >= 1x Leyline of Abundance (4x in deck)
  3. >= 1x mana dork (10x in deck)
  4. >= 1x Beast Whisperer or Elvish Archdruid (8x in deck)

So, better than 50/50... but still not awesome.

That list could even splash white for 1x Vizier of Remedies for the infinite mana combo, which could be pumped into either Ezuri or Leyline itself. Though I just can't see that being better than the CoCo build of Vizier elves...


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