Deck based on the Level Up and Quest mechanics. Example: Lord of Shatterskull Pass). Due to the Level Up costs choosing the correct mana amount is a hassle, so I went for dual lands to make it easier. I'm trying build more around the Level Up counters or the Proliferate mechanic but this is the best I got yet. I also added Quest cards (following the "level up" theme), so I had to add weird cards that have no sinergy at all, like Quest for the Goblin Lord requires goblins, so I added some easy-goblins from a Krenko deck. This is my first multi-mana deck and I think there's too many lands and/or mana sources, but so far its been really fun to play. I'm open to suggestions, there's no real strategy or sinergy for the deck besides "lvl up your creatures and win". I don't know what's the best commander, I picked Ruhan of the Fomori for his mana cost of to be able to add the best creatures with Level Up, although, having instead of would be nice too.

The deck intended to play very aggressively, every creature snowballs really fast, you can level up your creatures or buff them with artifacts, or both if given enough time. Take care of your creatures with Level Up You have to decide what's better: get better equipment or get better levels, sometimes having 3 equipments is cheaper and better than reaching the highest level on your creature. Sometimes is better to get everyone to level 1 before going for upgrades, specially if you have Time of Heroes on the board or any card with Proliferate. Keep in mind that this deck can't counter complex strategies, I made it to have fun leveling up creatures and completing quests.
Most cards have a low mana cost and build up over time. So it doesn't have any mana problems. There's very strong cards like Transcendent Master (only one to level up) and Kargan Dragonlord (only one to level up) that are very easy to level up, and their effects are stupidly strong. Proliferate works on the Level Up counters, when you get to use it, your damage output is insane. The deck turns out to be very affordable irl, almost every card is on the cheap side, except for Sword of Truth and Justice, I would remove it to keep the deck under 60$ but it's a perfect card for this deck. You have a healthy amount of flying creatures, many of which start flying after leveling up, making the deck very strong against decks without Flying or Reach. There's too many lands; land destroyers don't affect you a lot.
Most cards are artifacts and creatures, and only has one counter, so the deck is very easily countered by exiles, banish, artifact destroyers. There's no sinergy, it's very common to get stuck with more than one useless card while you wait to get the right quest or the right creature to use them. There's too many lands; it's possible to have only one or two creatures for 10 turns, although, those two creatures will be very buffed thanks to the level up and equipments. You need to have a lot of dice to remember the level up and buff counters, this proves to be difficult because many cards don't get even upgrades, like Knight of Cliffhaven, goes from 2/2 > 2/3 > 4/4, my recomendation is to use one counter for the levels and one for the over-all stats.

Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to your suggestions for the right cards to add to this deck.


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