Theme: Kamigawa Block Legendary Tribal

Key Creature Spells: Reki, Seizan, Toshiro, Horobi, Michiko, Takeno, Kokusho

Key Non-Creature Spells: Tutors in each color, Day of Destiny, Nature's Will, Torment of Hailfire, Restore Balance

Strategy: Reki and Seizan are your primary card draw engines. Reki for passive, Seizan for aggressive draw.

Jukai Messenger and Traproot Kami can be late game heroes when played with Yavimaya.

Strategy: create an environment that only this deck's cards can navigate. Exile threats, make opponents sacrifice permanents & out ramp/value in the early game.


This deck is my love letter to Magic as a whole. There are no infinite combos, nothing too oppressive and is meant to make the table adapt to it as much as it adapts to the table.

Toolbox is a good descriptor, but I prefer the term "Optimized Homage"


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