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Le Protecting M'lady

Commander / EDH*


Become the White Knight! Fight off the Chad armies and get the hand of the beautiful Stacys!

Have women playing at your table and want to ensure they know you respect them? Then protect them, and make sure no harm falls to them. Using your studies of the blade and well hones magical skills you learned from various anime, you will be able to stand victorious over those who wish to do harm to the helpless women who came to such a dangerous event.

Balan is your commander, and make sure he is as empowered as you are with your keyboard warrior skills, buffing him up with lots of equipment. After all, whats a knight without his katana? Of course, Balan is not alone. You have enlightened many others to join your knighthood, and they all wish to be summoned to protect the unprotected. Summon these to ensure you don't fall to the evildoers. Lastly, give all the women you respect prizes, such as enchantments with perks, spells that ensure that they get ahead, even at the cost of your own life. Be prepared to give up your life as well, the women might choose the chad running a Teferi fun police deck, because nice guys always finish last.

Some White Knight Rules: 1. No discarding women! Its better to face defeat than have to throw away one of your goddesses. 2. Always protect the women on the field. They are more important than you and cannot defend themselves without your help, obviously. 3. Of the field, wear a fedora, and always tip it to pass the turn. 4. Only give positives (i.e. politics, cards, and leeway) to those who refuse to attack women as well. We can't conquer the chads alone.


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