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This is a Pauper Blue/White control deck.

The main combo is Kor Skyfisher + Reality Acid to melt permanents on the cheap.

Spreading Seas is our main source of card advantage and can easily punish multicolored/tron decks.

Use Heliod's Pilgrim to tutor for a useful aura, usually Reality Acid or Spreading Seas.

Drop the acid and then bounce it back with a Kor Skyfisher or Dream Stalker .

You can cast Spreading Seas on your own lands for the card draw.

Momentary Blink helps to re-trigger ETB effects with our creatures.

Heliod's Pilgrim, Squadron Hawk, and Evolving Wilds can be used to shuffle after a Brainstorm.

Momentary Blink + Mulldrifter gives us a 2/2 flyer and lets us draw 4 cards for 5 mana.

Curse of Chains is a Journey to Nowhere that we can search for.

You can use the last counter on Serrated Arrows and bounce it for that sweet extra value.

Any help or advice would be great, thanks for checking it out.


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I have removed 2 Momentary Blink from the deck because it was a possible dead draw and any starting hand with 2 of them was horrible.

-2 Momentary Blink

+2 Lone Missionary

If you are expecting a lot of Esper Familiar and Delver competition I would add +4 Gut Shot to the main as well.


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