Working on Primer*

Welcome to my in progress primer for Bruse and Reyhan. I started brewing this a few nights ago and just fell in love with the concept. The deck is going for a weird Mad Farm variant. Wanted a Midrange counters deck that could start swinging in for decent damage and apply a lot of pressure. Saying this now, this is not a Cedh deck but I am trying to make it as optimized as possible for what I want it to be.
So the main focus of the deck is Reyhan, I love the ability to move counters off of creatures when they die, this allows us to swing without worry with our hydras or other managorger esq creatures as we can just move the counters to another creature to continue the threat. So with the deck focused on Reyhan the other partner was just to splash colours. Bruse Tarl was brought in, he brings in a strong effect the turn you play him, giving your beater or utility creature a mass buff of damage.
So the idea for this deck began with Abidingprism, he was playing an Ishai/Reyhan list. He built that deck with the Atraxa precon when it first came out and i really enjoyed watching him play it. As someone who has built Daghatar the Adamant +1/+1 counter tribal, I really liked the idea of Reyhan saving the counters. So i basically took his list and went on Cockatrice to see what I liked and disliked, I did not win a single game so I went back to the drawing board and started making small changes trying to fit in some combos but still the deck didnt perform, Ishai just got murdered every time I dropped her but I noticed stuff like Managorger Hydra just goes under the radar (Weird Right).

Well I was just thinking about this deck and some suggestions I got were keep Ishai and add in Incubation Druid combos and just gun ho for those but at point I should just play Thrassios x Reyhan but then I lose white then it turns into why not just play Tymmna and bam! it's no longer the deck I had in mind. So where did I go from there well obviously I brought in Big Bruse. With the addition of red we got access to better sac outlets aka Goblin Bombardment, better removal, and Dragon Broodmother who is a god damn house.

Opening Hand

what you want to see is about 3 land or 2 lands and some ramp, followed up with either a efficient beater or some card advantage (Oakhame, Odd's Maker).

Play Style

We want to be aggressive with Bruse Tarl giving double strike we wont see many boards that can effectively trade with our creature and with life link tagged onto that we can generally swing without worrying because our life will fluctuate constantly. Aggro out the combo/control decks until we combo off or just straight dominate the board.


Play thing, attack people, play Bruse and Reyhan, Attack and gain life.

So this deck is very effective at aggro. Almost feels voltron like at times with how tall we can swing with some of our managorger esq creatures. We have some Persist based combos, as well as Walking Ballista lines with Heliod and Archangel of Thune, both of which can be combined with spike feeder or kitchen finks for some strong buffs to our life and board. Aetherflux is also here just to one and done someone.

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit + Murderous Redcap with one of our Sac options = Infinite Damage

Good-Fortune Unicorn + Murderous Redcap with one of our Sac options = Infinite Damage

Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Walking Ballista = Infinite Damage

Archangel of Thune + Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder + Walking Ballista = Infinite Damage

Nylea, God of the Hunt: Removing Nylea for Mothra from IKORIA

Been making a lot of quick changes to the list, playtesting online and gold fishing are showing up more cards that im not two excited to see so, I will just keep making quick changes.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my list, if you have any suggestions/comments/critiques please feel free to leave them below. I really enjoy playing this deck and it does everything I want it too but I know there is still improvements to be made.


Updates Add

With the new set we will be adding in 3 cards so far, The Ozolith, Deflecting Swat, and Mothra.

Deflecting Swat gives us a good interaction with a huge range of effects and we will 90% of the time be able to cast it for free.

Mothra is just amazing board protection that will also give us evasion as the game grinds on.

Ozolith is just amazing and adds some new combo lines to experiment with.

Will also be looking into adding WIshclaw/worldly tutor so we will have more selection throughout the game.

Deafening Silence is also on the watch for this deck so I will be testing that online as soon as I can figure out a cut


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