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LandFall maddness




Zendikars unique ability, landfall, brought many combinations, that can stack on each other very easily, since the only triggering you need is land, entering the battlefield.

The charm of this deck lies in cycling so many lands, that landfall ability activates every turn and at least 2 times with lands like terramorphing expanse.

Creatures are landfall oriented. Steppe lynx - 0/1, +2+2 landfall - it could attack second turn as a 4/5 with one (expanse) or two(windswept heart) free lands for the next spell left.

(G(o)od hand 2nd turn scenario :2x flagstones of trokair. W mana to spend, and for lynx, as the result of flagstones special ability. 6/7 ready to attack)

Grazing gladeheart - 2 lifes per land, self-explanatory i suppose, as well as rampaging balloths - 4/4 creature prr land. Lotus cobra, helping the balloths to get in play sooner.

landfall support: Crucible of Worlds - important piece of deck, that allows us to cycle terramorphic expanse every turn as long as you have basic lands in deck, making every turn 2 triggers for landfall.

Knight of the Reliquary - i think the only usable posibility for searching for Non-basic LANDS. With boosting for lands in graveyard and ability to double landfalling combinations PERFECT card for this deck. Just imagine - search for terr. expanse, sacrifice, put a land. Than play terr. expanse from your graveyard, sacrifice, put a land in. 4 landfall triggers.. that could mean something like 4 brand new 4/4s in game, 8 lifes, or +16/+16 for lynx with adv. gear.

Side - classic combination of disenchants, antiwrath dauntless escort, and swords to plowshares

end notes: i havent decided, whether to try balloth woodcrusher or stay with rampaging balloths, guess ill try woodcrusher next and see.

I play in enviroment with lot of red burn floating arround, so for me is mark of asylum not optional.

comments welcomed:-)


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