Taking advantage of being able to drop multiple lands a turn to trigger landfall and use abilities that require returning lands to hand.

Includes alternate win conditions using laboratory maniac.

Potential T2 kill on the draw (Must use all 9 cards so starting 7 + the 2 draw steps must be exactly what you need). Starting hand must include at least Forest, Forest, Exploration, Sakura-Tribe Scout and Lotus Cobra, Summer Bloom, Retreat to Coralhelm + either Simic Growth Chamber or Oboro, Palace in the Clouds + win con Blue Sun's Zenith or Genesis Wave, Seer's Sundial, Sphinx of Magosi. The 2 draw steps must draw the other 2 cards still needed. Other potential cards aside from the above that can still potentially lead to win either on the spot or nearly impossible to lose from such as Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Myojin of Seeing Winds, Magus of the Future, Rampaging Baloths, Biomantic Mastery, Recurring Insight, Urban Evolution, Dig Through Time, Future Sight, Well of Ideas.

T1: Draws to 8 cards in hand > Forest > Exploration > Forest > Sakura-Tribe Scout

T2: Draws to 5 cards in hand > Lotus Cobra > Simic Growth Chamber x2 (trigger Lotus Cobra then returning Simic Growth Chamber back to hand) > Summer Bloom > Simic Growth Chamber x3 > Retreat to Coralhelm > Tap Sakura-Tribe Scout putting Simic Growth Chamber, return Simic Growth Chamber back to hand and untap Sakura-Tribe Scout > repeat for any amount of mana > Blue Sun's Zenith > Proceed to win.


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