I've been searching for the best commander for a lands-focused deck for a while, and after a lot of soul-searching, I've landed (pun intended) on Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar . But what makes Multani better than something like Lord Windgrace , for example? You've got access to less colors, fewer abilities to draw from, and a night-unplayable mana cost in competitive commander. The answer is twofold: card advantage, and streamlining.

Mono-colored decks do have certain weaknesses when compared to multi-colored options, it's true: however, there's also a lot of benefits. Narrow but powerful cards like Caged Sun and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx can really shine and do a ton of work for you, and you'll never have to worry about getting color-screwed. Fortunately, mono-green these days isn't as helpless against more controlling decks as it used to be, as is evidenced by Multani himself. Sure, he costs 6 mana to play--usually I'd discount him for that, but since this is mono-green (aka, the hardest-ramping kind of deck in Magic), it's actually not that hard to cast him multiple times during the game, especially with the proper support. He has incidental reach and trample, which is awesome: reach to scare away those pesky fliers who'd normally cause you a lot of problems, and trample to threaten a ton of commander damage very quickly. On that note, Multani doesn't just count the lands you have in play, like some of his predecessors--it's EVERY land you own or in your graveyard. That's impressive. The best part, however, is that for just 2 mana, Multani can bring himself back from the graveyard (to your hand), allowing you to cast him again without a commander tax for the low, low price of bouncing a couple lands. This might seem like a bit of a drawback, but keep in mind, we're playing mono-green. Odds are you're going to have enough lands already, and enough support that lets you play more, that this will never be an issue. It might even help some of your landfall cards like Tireless Tracker or Avenger of Zendikar !

Here's how things can generally play out:


In the beginning, you want to ramp as hard as you possibly can to be able to cast large spells before other players. Exploration and Burgeoning are the best cards for this, along with Kodama's Reach and the like. Harrow is especially good for putting lands on the field AND in your grave to prep for Multani's arrival. Some nice value creatures like Wayward Swordtooth , Courser of Kruphix , or Tireless Tracker can help you replenish your hand and generate additional card advantage while you're building up your land base.

One of the best things you can do in the early game is find a Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds and pair it with a Crucible of Worlds or a Ramunap Excavator and start tutoring for a land every turn. This thins your deck and provides more power for Multani later.


Now that you've probably ramped pretty well, it's time to cast Multani and start threatening to kill other players with commander damage. Multani gets really scary really fast, to expect some hate to come your way: use Multani's ability to dodge the commander tax and hold off the opposition with Constant Mists or Hall of Gemstone , which is one of the best pieces of green control you can have as it basically shuts down decks of more than one color. Sylvan Safekeeper is also a great tool to keep your key creatures safe while pumping up your commander.

This would be a great time to play probably the best card in the deck, Scapeshift , targeting--of course-- Field of the Dead . I can't overstate how amazing Field is in this deck, as specialty lands are plentiful and once you've assembled seven of them, you can churn out Zombies in mass numbers by just ramping up on basics. Those tokens will come into play later.


This is sometimes where green can struggle since card advantage is usually very minimal--not so with this deck. You may notice there are mass-draw spells like Rishkar's Expertise , Return of the Wildspeaker , and Soul's Majesty , and a mass-ramp spell in the form of Traverse the Outlands . While normally decent cards, these become all-stars in a Multani deck because of how high your commander's power can grow. Using these, you can further power up Multani and draw into one of your many alternative win conditions (other than commander damage), including but not limited to:

Genesis Wave , to play out your deck. Pathbreaker Ibex , to use Multani or another powerful beater like Ulvenwald Hydra to swing with crazy amounts of damage via your Field of the Dead or other tokens. Titania, Protector of Argoth to combo with any number of cards and generate a table-killing army. Altar of Dementia , to sac your creatures to mill yourself and power up Multani to insane levels, or, hilariously, to mill out other players by constantly sacrificing and recurring Multani.


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