If you start the game with Elvish Mystic , Liquimetal Coating , and Smelt or Deface in your opening draw you can have land destruction on turn two.

You can swap Deface for Reckless Air Strike as needed as well as some other destroy land cards from the sideboard.

The goal is to get Myr Landshaper and or Liquimetal Coating out as fast as possible. Tranquil Thicket Forgotten Cave Ancient Stirrings gets you to those cards faster.

Then you want to start turning the opponents Lands into Artifacts and start killing them.

Once you have Liquimetal Coating + Splinter you can kill an entire portion of your opponents lands and that really is game.

Add Dingus Egg for later game damage if your opponent has any land left for you to destroy.

Chandra cards can be added for fun just add more mana with them.


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