As a result of complaints of playing non interactive games of edh, being a spike player at heart, I've decided to build a deck that doesn't win on turn 5, but instead interacts with the board while building my board state.

So in general this deck is a storm deck, but its not your typical storm. The whole goal of the deck is to spend the game putting as many lands in play as possible only to destroy everything with Obliterate leaving Divine Intervention as the only permanent on the battlefield. As my friends would say, it gives them blue balls. After the intense masturbation that occurs when the deck does its thing, i leave my opponents thinking wtf as i pass the turn twice around the table.

I shouldnt have to explain how a storm deck works as you already know. Cantrips to fix your hand to get you there but there are a few cards that are essential to get the deck going.

  1. Extra lands

    anything that allows you to put multiple lands in play is key to getting the deck to fly. A fun synergy is Horn of Greed , Crucible of Worlds , Summer Bloom , and cantrips as well as instant/sorcery recursion to keep playing summer bloom. Wheeling and abusing Summer Bloom also gets you to the end game a lot faster.

  2. Cantrips

    Understanding what to get rid of or keep is essential. The engine must keep going for it to work. Sometimes getting stuck is inevitable due to variance, that's when playing your general is important. But cantrips keep the gas in the car.

  3. Wheels/windfalls

    now the mistake is to have a wheel in hand play it immediately, that will actually get you stuck faster than you think. Take advantage of the cantrips, control the board with the bounce effect, then use the wheel to get rid of threats.

  4. Going off

The key cards: Divine Intervention and Obliterate

and of course

Approach of the Second Sun

This is the tricky part as you have to have a good sense of knowing the sequence of casting cards to have a continuous acceleration. Turnabout and Rude Awakening are the key cards to cast repeatedly. Second is knowing when to go off. Trying to finish early will leave you in major disappointment as well as giving your opponents the feeling of dissatisfaction.

The other main card that plays an important role is Past in Flames and Mystic Retreival... Sometimes you get stuck, and the graveyard interaction allows you to chain your wheels and untap spells Turnabout and Rude Awakening to chain a lot of mana to go off.

The key card that makes this deck play by itself is Smothering Tithe . Because this entire deck is build to wheel, once I chain wheels it's game over.

I am considering putting in Laboratory Maniac as my alternate win-con as i know graveyard hate is a thing. It would be my first time not combo-ing to get there and having to grind my way through the deck to win that way, but it would feel more satisfying.

I have definitely played this with my more competitive meta's and it is hilarious to see this deck go off on them before they can. I of course added Approach of the Second Sun when I play with them to snatch a win.

+1 if you like it!!!


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