As a result of complaints of playing non interactive games of edh, being a spike player at heart, I've decided to build a deck that heavily interacts with the board while building my own. The basic concept is to ramp, bounce, wheel.

So in general this deck is a storm deck, but its not your typical storm. The whole goal of the deck is to spend the game putting as many lands in play as possible only to destroy everything with Obliterate leaving Divine Intervention as the only permanent on the battlefield. As my friends would say, it gives them blue balls. After the intense masturbation that occurs when the deck does its thing, I leave my opponents thinking wtf as i pass the turn twice around the table.

The engines you are trying to acheive are Smothering Tithe and Wheel of Fortune effects and tie it in with Past in Flames and Mystic Retrieval to keep going. If that doesn't work out, try and chain Turnabout and Rude Awakening. Underworld Breach is an obvious choice as well. Displacer Kitten also helps you pop off.

PROTECT YOURSELF! AKA Glacial Chasm along with the control.


  1. Extra lands

    Azusa, Lost but Seeking is the star of the deck to put lands into play. However the commander works just as well as you stall the game out. Putting that extra land into play every turn is important. Try and abuse Life from the Loam to keep digging for lands as well as fill up your graveyard. Also, chain a wheel with a summer bloam to help get you to your goal.

  2. Draw a Card, repeat...

    Chaining wheel effects is important to keep you going while putting lands into play. Flashback enables the wheels to keep the cards flowing.

  3. Wheels on the Bus go Round n Round.

    Its important to keep control of the board before throwing wheels out. Do it when you can, follow it up with something to protect yourself... by bouncing all their stuff

  4. The Endgame- Equality... to be or not to be...

    The key cards: Divine Intervention and Obliterate and of course Approach of the Second Sun. I always try to go for the former, but if the table is trying too hard, it’s easier to end it with the latter. Just make sure to cast Silence first!

I rate this deck a solid 8. It does very well in high power meta's. The earliest I won was turn 4, excuse me I meant tie, but highly unlikely to happen that much. I promise you if you play this deck, you will have lots of fun.

+1 if you like it!!!


Updates Add

Took out a lot of outdated cards, since its been years since I've updated this. More staples to keep cmc low along with good stuff to keep engines going.

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