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Kynaios and Tiro of Your Face

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Steal creatures only to throw them back at your opponents' faces. This deck is all about stealing, swinging, and sacrificing. This deck is janky, political, cheap, and can still win out of nowhere. ENJOY!

This is also an incredibly budget deck. For those who were looking forward to my BUDGET UPGRADES list for Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis this will be a perfect fit. I think you can take a lot of the principles from the original precon and combine them with these ideas to make a great deck. All of the added cards are still under $100 at the time of recording but there are a few more ways you can save.

Budget Cuts and Keeps Show

Wandering Fumarole is around $8 is inflated by standard and is only included because of the cute combo - drop it. Also consider cutting other lands too. Prairie Stream and Game Trail are easy cuts if you are concerned about the budget. Also the price will fall when they leave standard.

Blade of Selves is around $5 and it worth every penny. I think it's too much fun to cut even if it is not perfectly utilized in this deck - keep it.

Insurrection is around $5 and is a powerful and thematic game-ender - keep it.

Birthing Pod is just below $5. This is a fun sac outlet but you have others this is where you can cut a little cash if you need to - drop it. Another easy sac outlet cut can be the $4 Helm of Possession.

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