this is my first attempt at making a kykar deck. im not sure what its strengths and weaknesses are and what cards have the best synergy commander. The land base needs some smoothing out and what mana rocks to use. i'm trying to build it as a mid-range token deck. with very few creatures. I have a few counter spells and some removal to keep the board open so i can chip away with my tokens. I want this deck to be around 6-7 out of 10. Partially because of my playgroups power level and partially because of budget concerns

What i would like help with How is my mana base? do i have enough sources of each color? Do i have a good number of wraths and do i have the best options i can have? Should i use more counter magic? Am i using the right cards for card advantage?

This deck started off as sevine the chronoclasm then it was an Elsha, the Infinite deck and now im here


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