My homage to merfolk. They are easily my favorite tribe in all of magic, and while not competitive in many formats, edh gives them a place to shine. Kumena is vital to the deck as he gives you a way to tap your merfolk for value, and frequently double value.

The deck has a few way to win. The key is to avoid getting board wiped. Losing a Merfolk is fine, but having to start from scratch really hurts. I have finished off a player with or Two with Kumena voltron, but more often than not, this deck swings out and kills all one or two players in one turn.

Seedborn muse, quest for renewal, or intruder alarm, and help pump your Merfolk to the moon. #swollfolk. Draw all the cards you can, pump your folk, and you can hang at any table.

Step One: Draw all the cards, I admit the deck doesn't ramp very much, but your folk are so small you don't really need it. Once you have 3 fish on the battlefield, just try and draw cards, you will hit your land drops. If it is early in the game, tutor up "Fallowsage," every time you tap him with Kumena you will draw even more cards.

Get multiple untaps with seedborn muse, intruder alarm, merrow of commerce, etc. Remember always leave your Merfolk up, and then either on opponents endstep, or in response to intruder alarms trigger, then tap your folk. This makes you able to block.

Once you are 5-6 merfolk wide, you can start tapping them for counters. You should have tons of answers by this point because of all the cards you have drawn.

Then you win the game with #swollfolk, and island walk, or triumph of the hordes. Frequently you can catch the storngest player at the table out of nowhere, and then finish off the others.


If Kumena is targeted with removal, just let him die the first time. He is cheap to recast, and can use his abilities without haste.

Deeproot waters is dumb in this deck. nuff said.

If it is late game, and you get to tutor a merfolk, go get herald of the secret streams. Dude is gross once your team has +1/+1 counters on them.

Feedback on this deck is welcome. Feel free to comment below.


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