Full blown control and value deck. Play Kruphix turn 3 or 4. Averages 13 mana on turn 5 or 6 which is enough to play eldrazi or X spells. This deck can really explode. If you hit cards like Awakening , Seedborn Muse and to a certain extent Wilderness Reclamation , Doubling Cube and make them stick a turn or 2. Always use Green Sun's Zenith , Summoner's Pact , Tooth and Nail or Finale of Devastation to find seedborn muse, she enables the rest of the deck.

Insane single cards are obviously most of the eldrazi titans, but these combinations usually end games:

  • Planar Bridge + Seedborn Muse - tutor your best permanent straight to the battlefield in each player there turn.
  • It That Betrays + All Is Dust - take over all colored permanents of your opponents.
  • Genesis Wave - just insane, cast it with at least X=10. It's not strange to cast it for 20 or even 30 mana later in the game. If you can stay alive a bit longer, just save your mana to get an even bigger genesis wave.

This is my first EDH deck. Always looking for feedback and tips!


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