Prossh deck. Casual competitive "things die" deck. Sac Outlets, Grave Pacts, removal and combos.

It's a combo-y Voltron deck that's made to take advantage of things dying. Eldrazi tokens and Cryptolith Rite is ridiculous. Actually, Cryptolith Rite is just ridiculous in general.


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The dragon awoke with a start; the kobolds warming by his core scattering for cover with the monstrosity's sudden movement. The crack of sundering earth brought the dragon to his senses, as he became aware of a shift in terrain. The steady heat of the volcanic range surrounding Kher Keep was interrupted by a new scent; a salty, refreshing smell hanging on a cool mist. The sensation burnt Prossh's nostrils.

With a push, the dragon had uncurled and was flowing through the air to investigate the assault on his awareness. The scattering Kobolds were quickly engulfed in a storm of teeth and flames, providing further fuel for the oncoming storm.

As Prossh surveyed the Evolving Wilds around him, he became aware of a glimmer of sunlight on the horizon. It was brighter than anything he had ever experienced; the sulfurous smoke of his homeland becoming lost behind him. As he approached, he could feel his core temperature decreasing as the cool breeze beat over him. The sun glistening off the waters of Bant overtook his awareness as he soared through previously undominated skies.

Below him, Prossh could see a herd of animals running, riders strapped to their backs. He descended, hoping to gorge and add some fuel to his steadily cooling body. His massive bulk requires constant sustenance to maintain his body heat, and Kher Keep had supplied an endless supply of krunchy kobolds to sate him. In this foreign land, he would have to settle for whatever presented itself.

The dragon descended on the herd of tasty morsels. As the Knight-Mages became aware of his shadow beating down on them, he could feel an otherworldly pull on his back. The next thing he knew, a Cyclonic Rift tore across the air current he was riding and threw him off course. The swirling, pounding winds destroyed any semblance of awareness he had until everything went black.


Hours had passed since the dragon's initial foray into the chaos the conflux had created. Jund had come into conflict on all fronts. He had been jailed by the absolute law of Hanna and her artifact horde. The human who would come to be known as Teferi continued to twist time and space, creating an uneasy climate for offensive measures. Jenara, Asura of War defended her homeland of Bant as uneasily as Prossh maintained his rule over an increasingly agitated mountain population.

The oncoming threat, united under the warped being Atraxa continued to create distemper amongst the leaders. Purphoros, God of the Forge added his influence to the dragon's attempts, but found the power of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon to be overwhelming, and was quickly dispatched. Jenara eventually became consumed by the phyrexian threat, and as her compleation neared, she bartered for her lands to stay unharmed. Liliana Vess, part of the unholy planeswalker alliance with Atraxa, wreaked havoc on Hanna's forces, followed shortly by Atraxa's Merciless Eviction of any remnants of an army Hanna may have controlled.

Sensing the suppression of Hanna's Absolute Law had been challenged, Prossh sprung into action, sending waves of flame elementals at Teferi. As Prossh refueled, feasting on Teferi's charred corpse, the infighting amplified on Bant's war with Atraxa. Jenara resisted her compleation, as Ugin continued to make his presence known devastating the battlefield with his colorless flame. Prossh reared for another strike, and the Impact Tremors of the Kobold's fury brought Atraxa and Jenara to their knees providing further fodder for the dragon.

The screeching shatter of Atraxa's porcelain skull crushing in the dragon's teeth echoed against the metallic twang of Hanna's growing forces. Hanna had summoned a Platinum Angel of immeasurable power, debuffing Prossh's advances allowing her to threaten his lands. As Hanna stumbled upon a wellspring of knowledge, Prossh gathered a wealth of mana to his disposal. With the beat of his wings, Prossh unleashed a Savage Twister upon the artifact horde, which at the last minute, Hanna deflected. In a last ditch effort, Prossh unleashed a bombardment of goblins on the agile platinum angel, knocking it from the air. The dragon pounced on the fallen angel, ripping it limb from limb, and as it's enchantment fell away Hanna was left defenseless. Prossh charged the artificer, grabbing her in his teeth. As Prossh soared through the air surveying his newly conquered lands he savored the blood dripping from his jaws as he slowly tore her legs from her torso, consuming his last meal before a long awaited, well deserved sleep.

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