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Why Kroxa?

Kroxa is the only Rakdos option for an Outlet and Win con in your command zone. This makes your deck more efficient on card slots and allows for a more stream lined game.

When playing Kroxa you really want to keep close tabs on what kind of decks you are up against. Are you the fastest player at the table? Are you playing in a pod with no blue? How interactive are the players you are sitting with?

These questions are critical in deciding how to play your game. Also the hand you keep says a lot about how your game will go. This deck has a lot of keep-able hands and they don't all translate to the same game plan, let alone game play style. If you keep a hand with heavy interaction and card draw you will have a good chance at controlling the board. If you keep a hand that is hella fast all in, then that's what your gonna be doing.

Sometimes you don't get to make the decision of how you're going to be playing this game, and the deck decides for you, and that is ok. It's built to be flexible. You can and will build your opportunity to the win your game. Just believe in the deck a little.

The maybe board has a few cards I want to test out/I'm constantly checking to see if they are needed.

Anje Falkenrath - Card draw and card selection. It also allows you to pitch Worldgorger Dragon. This card is next on my list to test, but being a 3 drop makes it kind of hard to justify.

Anje's Ravager - Kind of like Anje Falkenrath, but this is in case you find that you are running out of speed, or are finding you need to dig harder and faster. So far in my testing I haven't found a use-case for her.

Azra Oddsmaker - More of the same. Seriously hard to find great card draw. Even harder to find ones that happen the turn you cast 'em.

Burning Inquiry - Early hand disruption. Sometimes you might make it so an opponent can't even drop a land. Biggest issue is that this hurts control decks, which more often than not, we are.

Burnout - I want this in the deck. Trying to find a slot is hard doe.

By Force - If Shattering Spree's red cost is too consumptive and you find that you need to pop more artifacts this is a good replacement option.

Collective Brutality - Hand disruption, allows you to discard Worldgorger and pop an X/2? Feels pretty good. Until you have no targets, and its hand disruption is super limiting....

Phyrexian Revoker - Name a card. Hit's mana abilities as well.

Pyretic Ritual - Not getting enough mana? Or need more instant speed burst?

Rakdos Charm - Fuck them graveyards. Also, fuck all Kiki-Jiki combos?

Wild Guess - More card draw. Cheaper and allows you to discard Worldgorger. Seriously, being able to discard Worldgorger is a huge theme of this deck.

We have a couple slots for testing purposes. Use these to make meta calls as well.

Flex Spots Show

Cards to Test Show

What to do when going up against different decks in the meta.

Fast Combo Show

Graveyard Show

Midrange Combo/Control Show

Hate bears Show

Stax Show

This deck tends switch between these 3 pretty effortlessly. Kroxa being in play allows for a nice midrange win condition, discarding cards and dealing damage. But the two main playstyles are definitely Fast Combo and Control.

Control? If you are playing into a heavy blue meta this deck has the answers. You want consistent card draw, and Emergence Zone out. With that setup everyone at the table has to worry about you winning at any time. It allows you to play freely your counter spells and copy effects. You don't mind having a drawn out game.

Fast combo! Trust me when I say turn 1 wins are a reality for this deck. You have a lot of fast mana enabling explosive turns, with protection! That's the real key here, you are not only able to win, you are able to win with protection!

Mid range? This one is a tough sale, but Waste Not really pushes it home. With Waste Not and Kroxa you are able to slow the game down, and gain some SERIOUS advantage. No joke; Waste Not runs games.

This deck runs 3 main win conditions. You have Worldgorger Dragon + Dance of the Dead, Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame, and Dockside Extortionist + Cloudstone Curio.

I will go over each win condition and some of the ways you can get to those win conditions.

Non Win con Combos Show

Worldgorger Dragon Show

Dualcaster/Twinflame Show

Dockside Extortionist? Show

Work in progress

Torpor Orb and its ilk

Mana bases are the hardest things to build properly in MTG. A lot of people build bases just for the colors, with no thoughts on utility. But with how many good utility lands there are it's hard to just justify not using some of them in your deck.

I've really cut back on the amount of utility lands I played in this deck to just a couple. But those lands make this deck.

Utility Lands Show

Should be fairly straight forward, but I'll go over my reasoning for choosing the pieces that I have, and why I labeled them as such.

Interaction Show

Card Draw Show

Mana Rocks and Fast Mana Show

Tutors Show

Utility Show

Work in progress


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