Kronk EDH

Wincons are grapeshot with a large enough storm count, mask of immolation/mortarpod with free equips and a free creature.

Metalcraft is easily reached, usually by turn 2 or 3, so dispatch and galvanic blast are useful 1 mana removal. Artifact lands are in to reach this even faster.

Free creatures are the backbone of this deck, giving us the mana to recast them with no net loss. Birgi and runaway steam kin turn all of our 1 mana creatures into free creatures or net positive mana.

The equipments are mostly ones that can be attached for free when a creature enters the battlefield. lightning greaves can also be used as a combo piece or to keep Koll alive. Skull clamp lets us draw most of our library in a single turn if we can get a free creature, usually the best piece to tutor. Sunforger tutors and casts most of the instants for less than their normal price with the equip reduction.

Currently trying to reduce the number of cards back to 100, added a few new ones and don't know what to remove.


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