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Krark and Sakashima storming coin flips

Commander / EDH* Combo Multiplayer Storm UR (Izzet)




Krark, the Thumbless / Sakashima of a Thousand Faces

Main game plan: Get Krark, the Thumbless on board and make a copy of him with Sakashima of a Thousand Faces to bypass the legend rule. With Clone, Fated Infatuation effekt we will make alot of copies of Sakashima of a Thousand Faces while Sakashima is a copy of Krark, the Thumbless. We will "storm" off casting cheap spells and hopefully get 2-10+ copys of the spell we casting. Chances are high that we will get the card back in hand as we will fail some flip with the coin. This results in us being able to throw the same spell several times but at the same time get "free" copies that go off each time we cast the spell.

free spells are broken, extra broken is the phyrexian mana that makes our life total in commander to som sort of mana pool. With Krark, the Thumbless / Sakashima of a Thousand Faces combo on board with some clones: With Gitaxian Probe we can with a big chance dig up most of our deck to hand. We end the game with Gut Shot copying severaltimes everycast and getting it back to hand by failing minium 1 of our coin flips. Note, this can fail, if you somehow manage to win all your coin flips.

Desperate Ritual / Pyretic Ritual can give almost "infinit" red mana with this combo. It will copy it self and pay for it self and then hopefully return to your hand. Same applies to Frantic Search getting free copies of the combo that enables us to tap and untap lands and hopefully get back Frantic Search to hand han recast it with all the overflow of mana we will get of the copies.

Krark's Thumb is in the deck to make the rolls abit more consistent on what we want.

Alot of 2cmc mana ramp to get ahead of the table.

Mana Drain, Fierce Guardianship, Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots to protect the combo (commanders) pices in the beginning thx to the deck is a bit fragile before we got several copies of Sakashima of a Thousand Faces.

The turn 1, 8card combo win. A example to win on turn 1 with some extream luck is the get following cards in hand + draw for turn. Krark's Thumb+Mox Amber+Mana Crypt+Mox Opal+Ancient Tomb+Jeweled Lotus+Rite of Flame and Gitaxian Probe or any red 1cmc cantrip like Crash Through / Overmaster / Crimson Wisps / Crimson Wisps. Get mana with ritual and dig through deck for more ritual spells and win cons. The flips depends on 2 trigger from krark and a Krark's Thumb to smooth it out. Dig up a Chrome Mox/Springleaf Drum or any other artifact blue mana tapper. Just go banannas!


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