This deck is a fun way to approach cEDH, especially against people who don't like regular storm. Turns can be short, or excruciatingly long; especially if you have Possibility Storm in play. This deck doesn't necessarily follow standard deterministic lines for winning the game however once the cogs start turning it is pretty hard to lose.

This deck looks to:

  • Get value from duplicating spells, especially if a doubling effect like Veyran, Voice of Duality, or Harmonic Prodigy are in play.
  • Ramp from cards like Storm-Kiln Artist and Tavern Scoundrel.
  • Cast free / mostly-free spells such as Submerge / Mogg Salvage to interact freely through Krark's triggered ability.


  • Building up a storm count and casting either Brainfreeze or Grapeshot.
  • Accruing a substantial amount of treasures and beating someone to death with Storm-Kiln artist.


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