It's Gerrard, and he has Eggs!

A pretty standard eggs deck, featuring Splinter Twin and KCI as the win condition.

Key Combo:

Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero + Splinter Twin + Krark-Clan Ironworks + Untapper

Using KCI, sacrifice any number of artifacts, along with at least one artifact that can untap Gerrard. Then, activate Gerrard with Splinter Twin, letting the token die to the legend rule, bringing back the sacrificed artifacts. Activate the untapper artifact, targetting Gerrard. you are now back where you started, netting N mana, where N is twice the number of sacrificed artifacts minus the activation cost of the untapper, as well as any cards drawn by any eggs sacrificed.

the artifacts sacrificed can include the KCI itself, and only one untapper is needed, because returning it with Gerrard functionally untaps it.

Alternatively, replace KCI and an untapper artifact with Ashnod's Altar + Village Bell-Ringer

Once this has been assembled, all you need is a piece that actually lets you win, which will often be among the sacrificed artifacts in the combo.

Untapper Artifacts(number of artifacts needed to go infinite):

*Sword of the Paruns doesn't need to be sacrificed, as it doesn't tap to activate

Cards that let you win(how they do it):

One thing to be aware of - certain eggs can cause you to mill yourself if you aren't careful, because they draw cards when they enter or leave the battlefield. Make sure you can win with your combo before you run out of cards, when you go off.


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