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Re-Budgetizing —March 7, 2015

Alright, so this tends to happen a lot when I get suggestions for decks, it starts to get out of the "budget" range. Now I know what you're thinking "But it was still budget" and that is true, but there's different kinds of budget decks and I think that if the deck says that it is around $85 on tappedout rather that $110, that can make a huge difference for the people that want to try it out. Anyways, here are my changes, I hope you guys think this is justified:


Minamo, School at Water's Edge: My main problem with this card is that it requires to untap a creature. This isn't optimal as usually I have abilities that let me pay 1-3 mana to untap a creature as many times as I want. For $12, I just don't find it worth it. Substituted for an Island

Master Biomancer: Alright, this one is actually not too bad of a substitution. Master Biomancer is very good but it has a bit of a high cost, so I switched it to Ivy Lane Denizen. I know what you're thinking, it only works if I play a green creature, but it also lets me put the +1+1 counter on any creature I choose, so it can really help the Kraj with creatures that I casted on turn 1-3, and I can spread out the counters.

Lightning Greaves: This is a really good card and I wanted it in but it is pretty expensive for a budget deck. I switched it for Swiftfoot Boots, and that isn't too bad of a choice since it lets me protect the kraj while still being able to give him counters.


Island, Ivy Lane Denizen, Swiftfoot Boots: See above for reasoning