Big Dragon Man. Ez.

Ahem. Sorry, where was I..?

Oh! Hi!

Yeah, uh, so.. Dockside is probably the best card in cEDH right now at punishing greedy decks. The greedier your opponent's decklists, the more Dockside will explode early on.

Enter Mister Big Noble Dragon Man. Who said they want a better dockside? Nobody? Great!

Korvold makes Dockside extortionist look ridiculously busted. Generating a ton of draws and mana for 2 mana is hilarious.

The most difficult part of playing Dockside-Centric Korvold is deciding when to dockside. I usually do it pre-Korvold, and sac extortionist itself to his ETB to set up recurring DE as much as I can. This flurry of value is usually enough to find and cast a Peer/Ad Naus/Breach+Sac spell.

This deck is reliant on an extremely artifact heavy meta. Think at least 1 Urza/Kess/Sans-Green list in every single pod, my meta (when I play this deck) is usually an insane mire of mana rocks. Dockside loves a messy boardstate. This is a deck that requires serious piggybacking on interaction. If that isn't your dig, try out a reactive deck.

This is a Korvold "Farm" build that hinges on explosive plays from Dockside Extortionist. With Dockside, we have a 2 mana potentially-better-ad naus that leads into an ad naus/peer.

While we don't run the typical Tymna+Dork CA that Farm decks traditionally rely on, our deck is just full of garbage. That means Korvold can sacrifice any ole thing and it doesn't do anything except accelerate us into more things to throw into the trash!

The cEDH metagame project puts Korvold's best turns to attempt a win (based on a relatively small pool, to be fair) are before turn 4. As such, we are set up to hail mary a super fast win. We want to punish opponents openers with a turn 2 dockside and at latest turn 3 korvold. From there, we need to blast off, or our chance to win diminishes drastically.

Korvold is pretty lazy. He reanimates his previous meals in an attempt to savor Dockside's goblinly flesh far longer than intended.

Corpse Dance

A 1 card combo with Dockside, if opponents have 5 total Artifacts + Enchantments, and you have Korvold out, you draw your deck. 6+ and you get "infinite" mana (gotta kill Korvold when you have 1 card left in your library sometimes, if you want to continue sacrificing stuff).

Shallow Grave

Its instant speed and works well with Dockside. Oh well. (Currently Excluded)

Finale of Devastation

Usually a tutor or wincon, this can recur Dockside exceptionally well.

Noxious Revival

The cheapest (and slowest) quasi-reanimation effect we run.


The second best 1-Off reanimation effect we run for Dockside.

Underworld Breach

The second best Loop Dockside card. Requires additional cards. (Korvold, Cards in GY)


The best 1-Off reanimation effect we run for Dockside.

Claim / Fame

The worst Unearth in existance. At least its cheap, mana wise.

We are looking to win turns 1-3, with a single piece of interaction to guard ourselves. As such, we run 3 one cmc cards that reactively protect Korvold/Combos, deflecting swat(Not in list ATM), and 2 one mana proactive pieces of combo protection. (Currently Ultra-Light Ultra Fast)

This is our interaction suite:

Guttural Response :

No! Says the control player to the casual.

No-er! Says the casual to the control player. Everyone on the train clapped.

Pyroblast :

Refer to Guttural, but additionally can destroy problem permanents.

Red Elemental Blast :

Refer to Pyroblast.

Deflecting Swat :

While we can win without casting our commander, it isn't as consistent a line as Dockside+Korvold. This card makes that combination even better. It's absurdly good, and is well worth taking 3 damage off of an Ad Naus for. (Currently Excluded)


Ever see a control player, and want to make them stumble before they can disrupt you? This is a good card for the job. (Currently Excluded)


This can remove any kind of threat, and reveal any weakness in an opponent's starting hand. This is a good way to gimp people's start, and ensure one less person attempting to stop you comboing. (Currently Excluded)

Inquisition of Kozilek

I use this primarily to grab wincons, CA engines, Tutors, and interaction. It's less useful than thought seize, but it is just as capable of forcing an opponent to fumble their start. (Currently Excluded)

Overmaster This one Im not sure about. Its been nice as a semisilence for one cast for a card, but its only utility at present is a little extra ad naus or PitA protection. (Currently Excluded)

Veil of Summer Much better Overmaster, only works against UB though.

Autumn's Veil A bit better than Overmaster, but not as good as VoS.

These cards are only useable due to their low mana cost; Their sole utility is in stopping attempts at hindering your win.
Not going to lie to you, this deck flies by the seat of its pants. If that isn't your style, try a more resilient Korvold list, or a slower midrange decklist focused on CA. Our curve requirements are extreme, and that means actual finishers are in short supply.

Dockside Extortionist will have a bit of notation next to it. Dockside(9+) means Dockside generating 9+ treasures is required for X loop, for instance.

Dockside Dance, Underworld Wheels, Cloudside Dorks.

Infernal Plunge + Dockside(1+) + Breach + Korvold = Infinite mana/deck in hand

Stitcher's Supplier + Culling the Weak + Village Rites + Underworld Breach = Ton of draw and some black mana/cards in GY, depends on starting library size and when you use VR.

Stitcher's Supplier + Culling the Weak + Breach + Korvold = Milled deck (some drawn), nothing extra left in GY, Tons of black mana

Wheel of Fortune + LED + Breach = Milled deck and some cards in GY.

Corpse Dance + Dockside(6+) = Infinite mana

Corpse Dance + Dockside(5+) + Korvold = Draw deck

Dockside(4+) + Cloudstone Curio + Mana dork

Grinding Station + Underworld Breach + 0 cmc artifact = Exile Library until you find Dockside

Finale of Devastation + Breach = Dead Opponents

The method I use to actually kill opponents is almost always Finale of Devastation, or (if Finale is exiled) Breach + Spell recycling several times.

Highest Priority Targets By Tutor (In a vacuum):

Sylvan/Worldly Tutor --> Dockside

Compost --> Phyrexian Tower or Ancient Tomb

All other tutors are completely based on the boardstate. Generally speaking, though, Dockside OP.

With ~37 pieces of ramp, we want at least 2 pieces in our starting hand.

Our "optimal" starting hand is simple;

1-2 lands, ~2 ramp, 1 payoff card/tutor.

As a deck with such slim requirements, we can mulligan very aggressively. Mull to 5 if you need to. You can still win off of mulls to 4... on turn 1.

We fly by the seat of our pants, as stated in the combo section. This is because every single mana pip we add is extra damage we take from ad naus, which is more important for us than Grixis Turbo Naus, as they have blue (Thus access to ThOr+Consult). We need to be faster than they are.

Average CMC (including lands): 1.05

ACMC (Excl Lands): 1.46

Ad Nauseam should draw you ~30 cards, every time, even while hitting our BadNaus. I recommend you leave yourself with a minimum of 5 to 10 life to play with (Noxious revival for free twice, or once and 2 pinger land taps).

It is not entirely unusual to Ad Naus into a Peer into the Abyss, though usually you have enough tutors to leave it as a last resort.

Ad Naus after Peer, on the other hand, is usually going to draw you less than 10 cards, unless you haven't lost any life prior to Peering. It's usually not adviseable, and if it's necessary, you're super unlucky. Sorry.

Goal: Slam out an Ad Naus/PitA and draw 30-50 cards

Slap Bitches Silly With The Whole Deck.

Food Chain :

ISNT THIS AN ARCHETYPAL COMPONENT OF KORVOLD!? Yeah, some builds. We're a farm deck, though, and Food chain is a 3 mana DOA card without its (3cmc+) comboing buddies. If the cmc requirements weren't as high, we would still consider it.

Necromancy :

3 mana for a return affect is meh, we would run life/death over this, but we run neither because 3 mana for this weak of an effect isn't where we want to be.

Necropotence :

Exiles stuff headed to the GY. Nonbo with a lot of the value/combos. (WORTH TESTING ALONGSIDE NECROMANCY + SHALLOW GRAVE)

Burnout :

Not free or 1 mana, big sad.

Mausoleum Secrets :

Not enough creatures to be worthwhile.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded :

Dockside does a lot of work, even if it isn't tutoring and doing Raza-levels of heavy lifting, we just dont like getting Domed by ad naus.

Life / Death :

We aren't on Razaketh due to the power of Dockside

Squandered Resources :

I found that a 2 cmc on-board version of Rain of Filth didn't survive long enough, and wasn't impactful enough outside of hindering my Ad Naus draws very slightly.

Sylvan Library :

We don't grind. 2 mana, dead on arrival card.

Eldritch Evolution :

All we would get with this is Dockside, and it isn't worth the life loss during our big turns. Digging deeper with Ad Naus is better. (WORTH TESTING)

Opposition Agent :

This card is very tempting, but it isn't on game-plan. Stick to the plan. Go fast. (WORTH TESTING)

Witherbloom Apprentice and Chain of Smog :

This is worth testing. I might kove towards this and cut the Praetor's Grasp line in favor of streamlining towards this. Both components are 2 CMC, meaning to be lean, we probably should switch to this combo over Dockside. I will not rework the board if this happens, but its likely that double tutors wont be looking for Dockside... though thats obviously meta dependant.

2 cmc rocks:

No, thank you. We have dorks, the primo rocks, and rituals already. 2 cmc is too much for a mildly superior dork that fuels opponent Docksides.


I cut Arcane Signet, but I like its filtering of colorless into any color. It's replacement was a Faithless looting, and faithless looting was replaced by Necropotence.

Unearth , Reanimate , Claim / Fame : What the heck? Why are YOU here?! There isn't a Razaketh, and Unearth is unplayably awfully horribly not good!

Well, me pretending to be a very opinionated reader, I think that Dockside Extortionist is worth the excessive dead slots; With DE live on the field the game can end very quickly. Recasting and recurring him happens to be pretty broken when combined with sacrifice effects like Culling the Weak , Infernal Plunge , Diabolic Intent , and Korvold the Dragon Dad. Sacrificing is pretty good with Korvold.

Cloudstone Curio and NOT Foodchain? You must be nuts!

Well, maybe. But it combos with our 1 mana creatures and Dockside to generate infinite treasures if we get more than 4 treasures per cast. As long as its 3 per cast and Korvold is out, we draw our deck as well. And uh, I recommend killing Korvold prior to decking yourself.

Village Rites If you have Korvold out, which is likely, this is an ancestral recall that buffs Korvold. We want to sacrifice dockside multiple times in some gameplay lines anyways, and Korvold's etb is not always available.

Grinding Station Im not usually in favor of include Dead-Outside-Of-Combo cards, but this helps expedite finding Dockside. Which is our only goal.

Peer into the Abyss Is not a cEDH card. -Spleen, or someone else with a weird face.

This card is able to be ramped into by very few decks during a window in which it is viable. This card can backfire, hard. Use it with care, and protection, boys and girls.


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