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Korvold's Kingdom. Korvold, Fae-Cursed King Primer

Commander / EDH Aristocrats BRG (Jund) Primer Tokens



A new non-prossh jund commander is here to claim the throne as king of aristocrats, and what's better than a DRAGON NOBLE.

Korvold Fae-Cursed King is a 5cmc (2 generic and BRG) 4/4 Dragon Noble that reads "When Korvold enters the battlefield or attacks, sacrifice and permanent" and "whenever you Sacrifice a permanent, put a +1/+1 counter on Korvold and draw a card".

Korvold is value in the command zone. A conditional sac outlet and card draw, and continues to grow in power.

Pairing Krovold with the typical expendable creatures and tokens to sacrifice and gain value from himself and other creatures alike to blood artist and pitiless plunderer creates a scary and threatening board state that will torture your opponents.

Korvold is specifically scary with fetchlands and cards alike to harrow and scapeshift. Sacrificing 8 lands to scapeshift to draw 8 cards, put 8 +1/+1 counters of Korvold, and fetch 8 lands is incredible value. Fetchlands incur the same value in small increments. Pairing a fetch with a crucible of worlds or a Ramunup Excavator make this a recurrable draw engine that grows korvold.

I personally did not take the route of constant recursion of sacrificable creatures and instead took a more token based approach to aristocrats. However, Korvold pairs greatly with creatures loke Endless Cockroaches, Gravecrawler (Can go infinite with a ping effect, Phyrexian altar, a zombie in play, and gravecrawler), Bloodghast (especially with fetches!!), and alike creatures.

The most important part of this deck is having a reliable sac outlet, and a reliable token outlet. If you play tutors (this list excludes tutors due to ke getting exhausted with playing tutors) then things like Altar of Dementia, Goblin Bombardment, Phyrexian/ashnods altar, and greater good should be your main target.

Now, this has to be mentioned but Pitiless Plunderer is an ALL-STAR in this deck. Pitiless Pulder is 3 generic and one black for a 1/4 creature that reads "when another creature you control dies, create a treasure." Creating a new permanent to sac everytime you sac a creature is HUGE. Not only is it mana, it is draw. You can play your entire deck if this goes off right with an army of tokens and ashnods/phyrexian altar.

There's so much i even let out here. There's a huge opportunity to food chain, combo, and attrition opponents out with Korvold. Korvold is able to be flex swapped with Prossh if you find yourself wanting to go back to a classic, and is the perfect sac commander to fill your every need.

I believe the thing that is missing the most in this list is protection and general boardwipes. Cards like heroic intervention, Damnation, and general good protection/boardwipes can be included if your playgroup calls for it. Tutors can be slotted in if you want a more consistent and competitive version of this deck. Much of these cards that either i didnt slot in, or were midly out of budget were put in the maybe board.

Now, Let Korvold rule the kingdom of Jund Aristocratz.


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