This is a Korvold sacrifice deck. The main tactic is to utilise Korvold's sacrifice engine to draw more cards and make him bigger, while combo-ing with several cards that cause effects when other creatures die. Feed the hungry dragon!!!

There is a lot of graveyard recursion in the deck which allows you to sacrifice creatures and return them, allowing you to take Korvold on the offence and turn him into a big flying, commander-damage power house. Several enchantments allow for continued recursion such as Phyrexian Reclamation, along side staple instants/sorceries. The two Squees and Eternal Scourge work with Food Chain, allowing Korvold to chomp them each turn and then they return.

This deck has a great draw engine through Korvold, this also doubles with cards such as Greater Good which works well with the sacrifice engine. Phyrexian Arena and Disciple of Bolas add to this.

Most creatures in this deck focus on creating value for the deck's several engines, if not ramp then, they are good for graveyard recursion, or create tokens to feed Korvold. Planeswalkers and enchantments also focus to create permanents to fuel the sacrifice engine.


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