Special thanks to my friend Krypt for this input on this list.

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King is an extremely powerful commander and I'd recommend you pick him up if you can, even if you don't think you'll play him. It's not unusual to have 10-15+ cards in hand at the end of your turn once he gets going, and this deck has room to make better use of the cards you're pitching to the yard during clean-up.

N.B.! I wouldn't play this deck at the kitchen table unless your friends play just as hard, or else they just tolerate you a lot. The full cycle of enemy fetches will raise eyebrows, for instance -- and you could well need to shuffle an 80+ card library at least once a turn.

Korvold sits atop an Aristocrats build very nicely, and you can set yourself up to drain a table or two without too much hassle. Imagine cracking an Emrakul's Evangel when you have these out at the same time.

Given that Korvold benefits from the sacrifice of any permanent, this list also provides a small land recursion package:

Finally, there's a reanimator package that should let us get out of paying commander tax, because Korvold paints a target on himself the moment he enters the battlefield.

Have you ever played Gray Merchant of Asphodel twice in the same turn? It's a good time. For you.

Another route you could explore with Korvold is an Innocent Blood archetype, which would make the Sangromancer + Tombstone Stairwell combo that much cuter ( Blood Artist can come, too). You'd have to remove either the Aristocrats or land recursion themes, though, and I'm not convinced that's a winning move.

Looking at this list, you might wonder where no-brainer inclusions like Awakening Zone and From Beyond are, or why there's no Bitterblossom or Life from the Loam included given the opulent manabase. To the first, what you're really doing is throwing 3-4 mana away until the table circles around to your next upkeep, and the pay-off is a 1/1. In my testing, Mogg War Marshal and Sprouting Thrinax can give you those tokens much quicker when Korvold enters the battlefield, and you can regularly draw into his next meal from there.

To the second question, past-me was smarter than I give him credit for and got some great staples early on, but he didn't get that many of them.

If you're looking to brew Korvold for yourself, get a manabase that comes in as untapped as possible. Filterlands like Twilight Mire and pain lands like Llanowar Wastes should be easier on the budget than shocklands like Overgrown Tomb and fetchlands like Verdant Catacombs . Checklands like Dragonskull Summit either enter the battlefield tapped on turns 1-2 when you aren't doing much anyway or else you have the basic later on.

I would also choose cards that either 1) provide a repeatable, no-mana sacrifice outlet, or 2) provide a pay-off for sacrifices over cards that might be more powerful standing alone. If you don't want to sacrifice the card, it had better make sacrificing other cards worth its slot in the deck.

As mentioned before, I think this list could make better use of excess cards going to the graveyard. Additionally, this deck could have a rough time with graveyard hate, and it might want a random Eldrazi Titan in there to reduce the chance you deck yourself. Once Korvold starts feasting, it's hard to get him to stop.

Thanks for looking! Please let me know how you think this list could be tuned even more, and hopefully this gives you some interest in brewing Korvold yourself!


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