Kambal creature hate. We shall call it... Bearhate. Game plan is to steal opponent's creatures, kill opponent's creatures, penalize them for casting creatures, and of course drain them. We want to make our opponents rethink what is really going on.

We want to be making our opponents suffer on every front. The deck will make our opponents ache about creatures and casting them; Kambal will drain them whenever they cast a noncreature. Not only will we be hindering creature play with the aid of much board wipeage, we shall hopefully have a Grave Betrayal on board to steal all the creatures :D. Deck has multiple combos and win cons, and ways to protect them as well. If we have plenty of mana (or infinite via Karmic Guide combo) we can fire off a late game Debt to the Deathless or steal everyone's creatures with Evangelize. Along the journey, we can deploy any of the sneaky combos, sealing unexpected victory.

Combos & Wincons: Kill everyone: Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Walking Ballista Infinite mana: Karmic Guide + Phyrexian Altar + Reveillark To cast w/infinite mana: Debt to the Deathless Evangelize Draw the deck and disappear: Ad Nauseam + Teferi's Protection


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