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Konda's Yojimbo Learns Aikido

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In life, there are multiple ways you can respond to a punch being thrown at you: 1. Avoid the punch by fleeing 2. Surrender to the punch, and take it 3. Resist the punch and fight back ... 4. Submit to the fact that your opponent has thrown a punch, step to the side and, with appropriate force, guide their arm/fist in a way that prevents harm from coming to both you AND your opponent (unless of course, you want to practice Steven Seagal's aikido and just smash everybody's noses in - that's cool too).

This deck is meant to essentially sit back, play your defenses, come across as the non-threat that we really are, maybe play life saver for an opponent every once in a while and then when people feel that it's time to come for your life - play some spells that redirects fatal damage towards THEM instead. There are some control elements included to ensure that you're able to play things the way you want (see the three white counter spells, Gryff that prevents ETB abilities, several exile cards, etc.). Anyways, hope you enjoy, and if you don't, that's all good too :)


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Not that there were a ton of decks out there to compete with but a small accomplishment none the less :) Glad to have put a unique spin on the deck that actually allows it to hold its own in most matches!


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