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Want to make a ton of serpents and just run over your opponents?

Ramp into Koma, Cosmos Serpent with a way to counter a removal spell, then draw into clones that let you copy legendary creatures. The deck can start a bit slow but gets out of hand quickly.
You want to aim to cast Koma by turn 4-5 and have some card draw, a clone, or a token doubling effect available. This will let you draw into more protection, the clones, and past more ramp, or create enough bodies to protect yourself until you can get some card draw going.

Mystic Reflection with Curse of the Swine or Ezuri's Predation for extra nonsense.

There is a more budget friendly version here Koma, Cosmos Serpent - Budget Clones for those interested.

Sideboard list is for a more Stax-y-ish version. I don't run it this way yet so I'm not sure of what should be cut to add these cards.

Deck by M. Murphy

Questions or comments welcome.
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