"The lightning and howling winds hid the sound of their wings, but we knew it was Kolaghan and her brood descending upon us." -Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

As soon as Fate Reforged was spoiled, I was excited to brew myself a dragon deck and decided Kolaghan was my preferred leader.

I'm relying on artifacts to either cheat expensive dragons into play or build enough mana to cast them.

Suggestions and comments welcome.


Updates Add

Adding a couple spicy new Rakdos cards from Ravnica Allegiance and making a few utility spell upgrades.


  • Bedevil : Instant-speed Rakdos removal with a variety of targets? Yes please.
  • Captive Audience : Fun new win-condition I'm excited to play.
  • Toxic Deluge : Cheaper to cast than Black Sun's Zenith and the effect ends at the end of the turn, leaving my beefy dragons alive and healthy again.
  • Dragonstorm : For flavour and because I often play Two-Headed Giant EDH so storm is more relevant.
  • Detection Tower : Because hexproof commanders are a thing in my meta.
  • Crucible of the Spirit Dragon : Mana sink, when times I'm not curving out or am light on things to play.


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