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I do custom deck challenges with my playgroup. This challenge is commander, but in the "frontier" legality (m15 and later, no modern stuff.) We chose this custom format because most of us started playing in the last 5 years or so, and thus the bulk of our collection falls into the frontier category.

The deck is simple: ramp into dragons. I chose kolaghan for 3 reasons: 1) she was my first ever prerelease promo, 2) she avoids sorcery speed removal with her dash mechanic, and 3) rakdos is my strongest playstyle.

My plan with this deck is to get a few treasure tokens, and start dashing kolaghan ASAP. Eventually drop a few more dragons and a big-hurt enchantment.

Added revel in riches, both for utility, and a potential LOL win con because who'd see that coming from a dragon deck (though poignant and flavorful)


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