The idea behind this deck was that I, like many before me, wanted to find a way to make Kobolds actually DO something. The cost little lizard-goblins are adorable, and worth running as something!

Problem is that their overlords and taskmasters are too slow for legacy or vintage play, where you better win turn 1 if you're not playing control, and they aren't legal in newer formats.

So what else can we do with them?

Well... Storm is good right? Let's throw the rest of the cost creatures in a pile with them and we have half a deck right there!


The main strategy line in the deck is to have at least one source and Glimpse of Nature so you may find yourself needing to take a mulligan if you don't have that in the opening hand.

You actually DO NOT WANT your win cons in your opening hand, you will almost always draw into them. Yes, even though there's only a few, don't worry.

The best opening hand will have one (maybe two!) Glimpse of Nature and one source, ideally Land Grant, with a bunch of cost creatures. You do not want to have any of your win cons in hand, you want to draw into them.

This way you can play glimpse, then play and draw and play and draw and play and draw and... you get the point.

Stomping Ground - pretty straightforward, it's a land, but you only get one land play per turn, so you don't always want it in your opening hand PAY THE 2 LIFE!

Land Grant - Ideally you start with one Land Grant and no Stomping Ground in your hand, so you can fetch one right off the bat, thinning the deck by 2 cards.You DO want to play both of them, even though you probably will not play both lands, since playing the second one allows you to pull the land out of your deck to increase your odds of drawing something that you actually can play, like another cost creature. Not to mention, they help bump up the storm count, which is always nice.

Elvish Spirit Guide - The least flexible of our mana options, we want to do our best to use this one ONLY on things that require green (if we can help it) so this one is best used to get out Concordant Crossroads or Glimpse of Nature if we have a choice, so we can save our Lotus Petals and Stomping Grounds to cast Goblin Bombardment or card:Grape shot when we are ready to end the game.

Lotus Petal - what is there to say, it's perfect! It can generate whatever color we need, it increases 'storm count,' and it looks pretty! Try to save them if you have another mana source, but you may wind up using one for a Concordant Crossroads or Glimpse of Nature, and that's okay.

Glimpse of Nature - Without Glimpse, the deck would not be possible. This Bad boy lets us get through the whole deck to pull more cost creatures and repeat the cycle again and again. Without one of these in the opening hand you might as well mulligan.


There were 3 cost kobolds in the beginning

Crimson Kobolds - looks kinda like a dog

Crookshank Kobolds - looks more like a goblin

Kobolds of Kher Keep - somehow became the 'standard' name for kobold tokens (and the basis for the name of this deck)

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh - The first draft of this deck left Rograkh out of it entirely, I wasn't sure how I felt about a legendary Kobold, who I could only have one of on the board at a time, and I wasn't sure how many cost creatures I really needed. Turns out he's great. Yeah we only get to KEEP one, but Glimpse of Nature still triggers each CAST, he also counts toward storm count, and he looks pretty cool.

While I wish we could do it with just Kobolds, there's simply not enough of them... Thankfully cost artifacts have made it into a several sets over the years so they can fill in the remaining bulk.

Memnite - unique to this machine is that it has a power of 1 on its own, so it stacks damage much faster with Signal Pest than the other cost lads in the deck.

Ornithopter - the only cost with 'flying' which is pretty neat, but our deck isn't really trying to get around blockers, instead hoping that our opponents haven't played as many (if any) creatures as us and we can just swarm them out.

Phyrexian Walker - ALMOST enough toughness to live through a Lightning Bolt, not that we expect it to matter.

Shield Sphere - Has defender and cannot attack, if you have other cost creatures, play them before this one, in case you need to rely on combat to win.

Street Wraith exists only to fill out the deck. It's a zero cost, pay two life draw a card. Basically a weaker version of Gitaxian Probe which we would be running instead if it were legal. Two life for one card is an EASY trade, especially since we are shooting to win all in one turn (ideally turn 1 or two)


Grapeshot is your go-to win con. There's a lot of copies so it's almost impossible to counter, it counts all your Lotus Petals, Land Grants, and each creature you played. Not to mention, in games with multiple opponents the damage can be divvyed up among them!

One thing Storm decks typically have to play around is that people like to remove cards that say "storm" (insert joke about Storm Crow here) so we may need to have another option.

Nothing beats a good old standard attack... But our creatures are almost exclusively power of 0, and we want to win fast, but NONE of them have haste!

Signal Pest and Concordant Crossroads make for a great team, and an even better backup win condition. Getting them out allows your cost creatures to turn some damage! While things like Fog do exist, it's unlikely your opponent will be equipped to do so on turn 1.

This is great and all, but what if we STILL need more damage?!

I'm used to playing around people who make winning hard, I want to have a backup win con to the backup win con, so the best use of Goblin Bombardment is after you've already shot your grapes, AND/OR turned your bois sideways, but your foe is still standing.

What to do then?

Drop a Goblin Bombardment, feed it all of your critters to double (potentially triple) dip on the damage!


If you have something that can generate or hold on to it if you can, since 2/3 of our win cons require a to cast

Keep track of how many cards you will need to execute! If you plan on playing a Grapeshot you'll need 2 mana producers AND Grapeshot, so don't use that mana for a Signal Pest unless you're planning on swinging right away, or already have extra mana cards!

Okay, so you can't really win with this deck if you have less than 5 cards... BUT THAT MEANS YOU CAN MULLIGAN TWICE WITHOUT CONCEDING! If you don't see a Glimpse of Nature in your opening hand, throw it away!

Only Play a maximum of two Glimpse of Nature, you want to play around 20 creatures, and don't want to deck yourself in the process, since it is NOT a 'may' ability you will HAVE to draw. Even if you don't want to.

You do NOT want your win cons in your opening hand, they're dead cards until you're ready to play them. Better to have a Kobolds of Kher Keep than Goblin Bombardment in your opening hand.

Hold on to 1 Street Wraith if you have other draw options, just in case your much-needed win con is the last card of the deck, and you you need to draw exactly 1 (one) card.

With your win cons, you don't need to use just one damage dealer to un-alive a player, especially in multiplayer! As long as it adds up to as much damage as your opponent has life, you still win!

If you have 3 opponents, you can get 30 copies of Grapeshot, attack for 30 damage, and still take out 3 players!


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