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Kiyomaro, First to Stand, Last to Lay Down Quietly

Commander / EDH* Budget Mono-White



Card draw? In mono-white? "Surely you jest", you might be thinking to yourself. WRONG, it's totally possible (albeit not easy), and Kiyomaro is the perfect commander for it. Your primary goal with ol' Kiyo here is going to be punching people with his grumpy old wizard fists. Since commander damage is the main goal here, we have some voltron-y equipments and auras to help speed this process along, along with some board wipes and defensive cards to help buy you some time while you get Kiyo up and running. Patience is key here; a lot of times (as counter-intuitive as it might sound) your best play for a turn might just be not playing anything at all, just so you can keep Kiyo properly beefed up. As you might imagine, Kiyo also loves cards, and since white doesn't exactly have the best card drawing engines out there, we have some friendlier sources of it in the form of artifacts like Temple Bell and Howling Mine. So yeah, you might be helping your opponents out a bit, but you'll hopefully have enough ways to protect yourself and sneak Kiyomaro through before they have a chance to do some serious damage. All that being said, any suggestions would be might helpful! And don't forget...be the first one to stand, but the last one to leave. insert mystical wizard-y sounds here



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