One of my first commander decks and still one of my favourites.

Was looking to re-imagine soldier tribal deck I had in high-school around the time of Odyssey, and came across Lieutenant Kirtar as a commander. Kirtar is awesome - better than the default soldier tribal choice of Darien, King of Kjeldor. The threat of activation on this re-usable removal is just awesome - particularly if you get Emeria, The Sky Ruin online.

Basic token's + anthems + occasional wrath strategy Skullclamp is a massive nombo with all the anthems (Mentor of the Meek too) but still makes the cut - card is sweet.

The reason I like this deck so much is that although it lacks good ramp (room for improvement there), it's a shining example of how white can have an answer for just about everything.

Plus any day you get to play True Conviction is a win. :P


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