Simic big boys...the idea is to cast mana rocks and dorks the fisrt 2 o 3 turns, then cast Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy to cheat out big creatures into the battlefield....if you get any luck, you may put an eldrazi with anihilator on t3/4 and your opponents are gonna love you. Since is a budget build i would use counterpells only to protect your stuff since i find the build kinda fragile against boardwipes...Never the less,it could be really fun and fast to get out of control. there are some combos in it: Peregrine Drake + Deadeye Navigator = infinite mana....once there : Acidic Slime or Terastodon + Deadeye Navigator = destroy all lands, then Meteor Golem + Deadeye Navigator .... Quandrix Cultivator + Deadeye Navigator = fecth all basics.... Keruga, the Macrosage or Llanowar Visionary or Mulldrifter + Deadeye Navigator = draw your whole deck (use with Thassa´s oracle or Laboratory Maniac not in the deck tho)... End-Raze Forerunners + Deadeye Navigator is a really cool finisher!.... Also, you can use Isochron Scepter whit any 2cmc spell maybe a counter, a draw spell or whatever fits the best.


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