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I have a purely RW version of the deck and want to experiment with black.

At it's heart this is a midrange synergy deck looking to grind out value through ETB effects. The aim is usually to kill with incremental damage from impact tremor style effects while keeping ourselves alive with Soul's Attendant. Norin the Wary and Bitterblossom are here to help make sure we have a consistent flow of triggers for our value engines. It can help to view this as a combo deck where the combo is any 5 non-land permanents as at that point you should be generating an overwhelming amount of advantage.

Tips & Tricks: Norin is the best card bar none and should be played T1 pretty much without exception. The risk of losing him to a discard spell or Counterspell massively outweighs any possible gains from a T1 Soul's Attendant. Norin can attack and will trigger himself, which is great if you are trying to hold up your mana for later.

I would appreciate any feedback. Specifically as i'm in mardu I have access to the best removal cards in the game and am having trouble figuring out exactly what mix of them I want to include.


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