Making this commander viable in my increasingly focused playgroup has become a passion project for me... and a difficult one at that. I think my earlier build had too many monarch-granting cards that weren’t contributing enough value. This newest build aims to decrease the average CMC, and to highlight more of the “stop hitting yourself” effects like Boros Reckoner .

Jared can be a political tool in the early game, but each recast slows the strategy down immensely, so I’ve included Vedalken Orrery so that I can recast him (and my other monarch-granting payoff cards) before my turn. This circumvents Jared’s considerable downside, as I can avoid giving card advantage to my opponents in the late game. Despite not showing up in many decklists, I believe the Orrery is a must for this commander.

The goal is to become the Monarch ASAP and to maintain that title at any cost, while redirecting all incoming damage to Jared and the other damage-loving creatures. In a game where I can keep Jared out it’s more or less a voltron strategy, but there’s always the group slug option for when Jared doesn’t stick. The boros reckoner style cards and damage-based board wipes can serve as crowd control for my opponents’ creatures, or simply as a deterrent to incoming attacks.

I’ve yet to play-test this current lineup, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


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