This deck is built as a budget deck for an event I am participating in. I will continue to upgrade it once the event ends. I am new to making commander decks and any suggestions would be appreciated.

The idea is to use Kess' ability to cast instant's and sorceries from the graveyard while using Dynavolt Tower to create energy counters. I use the energy counters to do a bunch of fun things. In particular, I am opting for direct damage to players using red burn spells and abilities like Dynavolt tower's "tap, pay 5 energy, deal 3 damage to target creature or player". This deck also lets me use energy counters to gain extra turns and combat steps with the use of cards such as Gonti's Aether Heart and Lightning runner.

Using blue, I've got some good control, including counterspells and creature destruction. In my current play testing, this deck seems to go either way. Some games I get a good set up, other games I get mana screwed.


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