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[Kess, Dissident Mage] - Rainy Days

Commander / EDH Combo Spellslinger Storm UBR (Grixis)


EDH storm. We all know what’s going down.

But incase you don’t here’s what’s up.

Control Package: This list includes a few different counter spells to help it last until it can storm off. Most of these spells bounce rather than send to the graveyard so that they can double as a way to up your storm count by countering your own low cost spells and then recasting them. A similar idea applies to the removal spells which are low cost so they can be used on a turn you intend to go off in addition to simply helping you get rid of threats on the board.

Cantrips: There are quite a few cantrips and card selection spells in this list that let you even out your draws, set up turns to storm off, and increase your storm count when you want to win. Another advantage to the many low CMC card selection spells is that they let the list run a low number of lands so you don’t have to worry about flooding out when you would rather draw more spells while still allowing you to hit your land drops

Rituals: There are a number of rituals in this list which serve as a way to accelerate in the early game and give you the mana and storm count to go off in later turns. The best of these rituals being High Tide which pairs well with the “free” spells that untap lands. Mana Flare also has a similar effect to High Tide and can be used the same way.

Win Cons: The primary win conditions in this list are Aetherflux Reservoir and Tendrils of Agony . These two work especially well in conjunction as you can tendrils twice with Kess to gain a significant amount of life and then use that to gun down any surviving opponents with Aetherflux Reservoir . As a secondary win con you can use a mana doubling effect and Palinchron to go infinite.


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