My main goal is to generate infinite mana to deck my opponents or attack with lethal damage. Through enchanting Bloom Tender with Freed from the Real I can create all but blue depending on what is on my board. If Kinnan is out I can use the same enchantment to then generate infinite blue with Bloom Tender.Also on Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch or Faeburow Elder to deck my opponents.Vegan Graftmqge will not only help go infinite with certain colors if Kinnan is not out with Incubatuon Druid. It can put counters on Bllom Tender or Faeburrow Elder or Kenrith can add the counter if the creature was out before Vegan Graftmage and that will go infinite as well. Recently added the Lion's Eye Diamond, Brain Freeze and Underworld Breach combo for more value. I have Thassa's Oracle as a quick go for the throat, last resort. I have tweaked this a couple of times now and appreciate any advice.


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With Hullbreacher getting the BAN hammer I changed it out for Notion Thief. I also have tried to add the Lion's Eye Diamond, Brain Freeze and Underworld Breach combo so I added more wheel effects and Narset. Wheels will help fuel Underworld Breach and if Notion Theif or Narset are out or used as backups I can hurt my opponents.



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