The goal of this deck is to produce infinite mana and win via Kenrith, the Returned King 's draw a card ability. Typically, you want to draw cards until you draw Silence , after which interaction from your opponents will not be a concern as you draw them to oblivion. Grand Abolisher and Mandate of Peace can also serve this purpose, along with a few others. So, how to get infinite mana? This deck is capped by budget, there are far cheaper ways to get infinite mana that are less cheap to purchase, so with my collection and budget here's what I've got:

Flash + Protean Hulk is one of the most well known means to do this. I shall employ it here too.

Tutor up Incubation Druid , Torch Courier , and Vigean Graftmage . Put the counter from the graftmage onto the druid, then sac the courier to give the druid haste. Tap for 3 blue mana, use two to untap it with the graftmage's ability, then repeat for infinite blue, and then infinite of all colors. Draw until you hit a silence like effect, then draw out all opponents.

Alternativly, tutor up Devoted Druid , Vizier of Remedies , Torch Courier , and Orochi Leafcaller . Sac the courier to give the druid haste. Tap for a green. Untap it via the druid's ability, which has its counter prevented by the vizier, and produce infinite green. Filter that green through the leafcaller for infinite of all colors, draw to a silence, and then draw out all opponents.

Remember: You do NOT need a flash'd hulk to assemble these combos, the tutors that work for hulk can just as easily work for the cards it'd grab if you already have a bunch in your hand (or flash / hulk) was exiled somehow.

That said, tutor Flash with Dimir Infiltrator , Merchant Scroll , Mystical Tutor , or Shred Memory . Tutor Protean Hulk with Congregation at Dawn , Eladamri's Call , Fauna Shaman , or Fierce Empath . Or tutor either with Demonic Tutor , Wishclaw Talisman , Lim-Dul's Vault , and/or Tainted Pact .

Deck still very much a WIP as I see what cards I can find and which I should cut.


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