Main goal of the deck: Ramp for Rowan and/or Will, bounce creatures, get enough loyalty on either Rowan or Will (preferrably Rowan, because that makes Will's -2 insanely good) to ultimate one of them. Then draw until you get niv-mizzet, guttersnipe or firebrand archer and continue slingin' them spells. After you have ulted Rowan, you can still use her, but it isn't required.

My favourite way to play this deck at the moment is ramp to Rowan, turn before playing Rowan you bounce your opponent's creatures. The turn after you would want to play Will, use his +2 a few times, until Rowan is able to use her ultimate ability. Use the ult, then use Will's -2 to draw 4 and get a discount of 4 each turn on all planeswalker, sorcery and instant spells.

In all cases, you would want to eventually use Will's -2 ability as often as you can (every other turn).

If you want to opgrade this deck to a higher level, I'd reccomend putting in an ætherflux reservoir



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