Kemba is a voltron commander, she gets big and kills opponents quickly. Kemba has a built in army that will provide a ton of value and eventually can close out the game. Kemba drops early and quickly gets out of hand. The main strategy is to start with kemba on turn 3 or 4, build up an army, and play cards that allows me to end the game quickly. I have supplemented a lot of the weaknesses of mono white by adding a lot of fun and creative equipment that will allow me to do things you wouldn't normally expect a mono white deck to do. This deck is still a work in progress, it can still use a lot of help

The Strategy

This deck wins by maintaining a relevant board state by combining Kemba, Kha Regent with equipment. The deck wins by making kemba an unstoppable creature, dealing commander damage. Alternatively I can build a massive powerful army very quickly, and have huge payoffs for doing so. Kemba is weak to artifact removal, but is very resistant to removal.


Most of the creatures fall into 3 categories, speeding up our equipment, speeding up our gameplay, or generating a lot of power quickly. Danitha Capashen, Paragon is a good example of an artifact centric card, Puresteel Paladin and Sram, Senior Edificer are invaluable to my strategy. Archangel of Thune can end the game especially with Soul Warden in play, and Sublime Archangel can give us the push we need for commander damage. Special mention to Mentor of the Meek who gives this deck real card draw abil


Equipment is the driver of this deck. I have focused on equipment that draws cards, protects my commander, or gives her explosive bursts in power. Evasion it's also pretty great, as well as things that build my army.

Enchantments/ spells

Tutors and buffs for my equipment, and some token synergy.


Included a few well placed cards for situations. Cathars' Crusade and effects like that can close out games instantly. Eldrazi Monument can make her army unstoppable and there's always a creature to sac to keep it on the field. Caged Sun Will place us far ahead on mana. other cards included can allow us to answer threats, and we can easily tutor for a number of insanely powerful equipment.

Thank you for your consideration, I implore you to leave a comment and a like, it helps. Let me know your picks for cuts for this deck.

Important note: I need to add removal but I don't know what to cut for it. I need efficient removal but I'm afraid that I'll lose some of the important tools of my deck.


Updates Add

So I upgraded my deck again and added in some much needed cards that can help me end the game faster, and some powerful cards that are much needed. It still needs some work but it's looking a lot better. So I would like to know what I should cut to add removal. I don't know what I should cut at this point for it, but am open to suggestions!


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