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Mistakes Into Miracles: God-Eternal Kefnet

Commander / EDH* Combo Control Mono-Blue



God-Eternal Kefnet. Win cons - aiming for infinite turns with Scroll Rack, slow-rolling Commander damage, or just straight up double Expropriate.

This is for a "tuned/focused casual" environment, but you could make this deck even more mean by lowering the curve (cutting stuff like Metallurgic Summons and Bribery for more mana rocks and counters).

If I'm ever at a lower power casual table, I have sideboard replacements for the the three "extra turn" spells in the deck to avoid salt over infinite turns, including a more "fair" extra turn spell - Plea for Power.


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-Thieving Skydiver // +Malevolent Hermit

-Wandering Archaic // +Lier

-Search for Azcanta // +Consider


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