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Kaya Me a River [Kaya Sacrament]

Oathbreaker Midrange Tokens WB (Orzhov)



3CMC Kaya with Sadistic Sacrament as the sig -- Useful for picking certain cards like LabMan and other such things out of decks (though if you can cast the kicker on it, you're laughing), as well as milling people out, supported by tokens and aiming to stick around using Kaya's ultimate; It's all about exile and attrition, and a chance to use artifacts like Cellar Door or Ghoulcaller's Bell alongside big threats like Grindstone (as much as I love Jester's Scepter I had to make a hard cut...).

STOP THE PRESSES!! Kaya's Guile is now a thing. Multi-grave hate with other fun modes!! It's literally a spell with Kaya on it! I've switched out Sadistic Sacrament to the main deck, removing Lost Legacy to make it my sig spell!


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