This is a dragon tribal deck. Don't let tribal fool you, this deck destroys its opponents.

Commander damage is a real thing when you have a 7/7 flyer and ways to get double strike and extra combat phases.

Take out the blue player first, then evaluate the competition and their boardstates, go from there.

Dragon broodmother not only let's you get blockers, but it synergize's well with dragon tempest and scourge of Valkas. This allows you to "ping away" any blockers or value creatures you don't want you opponents to have. These are used often, and opponents groan when their out.

Dragons get blown up all the time. They are freaking scary, can you blame someone for killing your 7/7 flyer? Bladewing the risen will get you a dragon back from the graveyard for this reason. I've put my general in the graveyard specifly to Bladewing him back the next turn and commander damage that guy out of the game.

Patriarchs bidding is also in the deck for the unfortunate times that my babies are killed. Patriarch's bidding also kicks ass with survival of the fittest. Just keep activating survival of the fittest until you have put all the dragons you need to win into your graveyard then cast Patriarch's bidding and start wrecking people with the E.T.B. effects that these dragons have and swing for the kill on the same turn.

I recently added living death to cover getting dragon out if the graveyard. Thanks Fatboy26105!!!

We already talked about scourge of valkas, well Lathliss, Dragon Queen gives you a 5/5 token whenever a non token dragon E.T.B's under your controll, literally doubling the direct damage triggers from Scourage of Valkas, or Dragon Tempest.

You won't always be able to have Karrthus on the field to give your dragons haste, that is why dragonlord kolaghan is in the deck. He gives all your creatures haste.

What I do, is aim the dragon Tempest and/or vaklas damage at 1 opponent leaving them low enough that it wont take more than a couple attackers, then split my remaining attackers at the other 2.

If Karrthus is on the field, and your life total isn't the highest, then tooth and nail is mainly for atarka world Render and scourge of the throne. Attack the highest life total with scourge of the throne to get a second combat phase and atarka gives your dragons double strike. That kills 1 opponent in 1 turn with commander damage.

If your the highest life total then you can go with savage ventmaw and Hellkite Charger. This still requires you to have mana available, you still need 1 mana to pay for hellkite chargers activation cost.

Aggravated assault is an enchantment that has an activation cost to get an additional combat phase during your turn just like hellkite charger. The activation cost is completely covered by the mana generated by savage ventmaw.

It is May 20th 2020 and the commander card market prices are nuts. People buying things out(no proof) so I brought back a wonderful tutor when you use elves to mana fix. Elvish Harbinger is a mana dork that lets you tutor an elf to the top if your deck. Targets are Bloom tender, Selvala, and Elvish Piper. These are very important targets. Elvish Piper let's you cheat 1 creature onto the battlefield without paying the creatures mana cost. Piper is often removed before you can use it, but that's ok, better a piper than a dragon. This deck generates more than enough green mana, bloom tender helps hit black and red as well. Selvala is just amazing and tutored the most. When you play dragons, she taps for a lot of mana. You tend to get some good draw off of her and the other players don't get her draw trigger because you tend to have the highest power on the field.

Greater good is there for protection. Because your general has an ETB trigger that gains control of all dragons the deck is very susceptible to clones. It just takes one clone targeting your general to then steal all your dragons. In response before it resolves, sacrifice to greater good. This requires you to know your opponent's decks and what they're playing obviously.

There is a ton of "ramp" in the deck. Sorcery's that put lands onto the battlefield tapped is a key to this deck. An opening hand with castable sorcery ramp is ideal. You can't depend on artifacts and mana dorks because people love removal spells. Extra lands is harder to deal with. If they counter your kadamas reach you have a better chance of resolving a scary dragon later on.

Tooth & Nail can give you 2 free creatures onto the battlefield and Dragonstorm rarely copies more than twice without a mana doubler out, but knowing these combos among the dragons is very important.

I can not stress this enough.

I don't care who you are or how long you've been playing, when you are tutoring for free dragons it's very easy to get distracted by the wrong dragons for the current board state.

Thank you if anyone has read this far, and sorry for all the grammatical errors. I never paid attention during high school english.


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