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Karametra, God of Harvests

This deck is somewhere around 6-8 powerlevel. By turns 7-9 you should be able to close out the game or you should be close to. This may seem a bit late in the game, bu this is a battlecruiser of sorts, so we pack removal to keep our opponents on a clock that is more similar to ours.

Karametra, God of Harvests will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my first deck that I constructed 100% from scratch, and is pretty reliable. I had been looking around enchantress decks when I stumbled upon her, but I felt like enchantress didn't take advantage of her ability well enough. Instead, this deck focuses on playing creatures at all points in the game to ramp into the late game and curb stomp anyone who dares stand against the unbridled power of nature.

As this primer will show, this deck has a decent amount of interaction with green excelling at combat and white excelling at removal. You basically want to ramp out the early game, biding your time until you can drop fatties and swing for lethal. Having a commander that is both an enchantment early game and indestructible lends a resilience that really helps keep the deck running smoothly.

You may like this deck if:

  • You like having an unassuming commander that has built in protection
  • You like playing lots of creatures
  • You enjoy Craterhoof Behemoth-esque wincons
  • You like to take a bit more time to execute your strategy

You may not like this deck if:

  • You want a flashy commander
  • You don't like combat based strategies
  • You like playing things on other people's turns
  • You like fast paced decks

How It Plays

As you may have noticed, there are exactly two artifacts in this deck. This is more of a personal flavor win than anything, but it only makes sense that anyone who holds Karametra, God of Harvests as their patron would only ever acquire mana from the lands she has blessed unto them, not from any man made trinkets. Because of this, we run no real artifact ramp and lots of dorks and land fetches. Because Karametra is a Rampant Growth on a stick, we also don't run cards like Cultivate.

Making Mana

Not much to say here besides we primarily run lands that have the Forest or Plains subtype, so we have as many targets as we can for Karametra's ability.
Early game is pretty slow, you just want to try to ramp into Karametra on or before turn 4. Most of the ramp is cheaper than 4 cmc so you can get that 1 extra mana to play Karametra a turn early. Cards like Amulet of Vigor and Smothering Tithe obviously won't be useful until a bit later in the game.

Counting Cards

The tutor package is pretty standard for a creature based deck, though Captain Sisay is only really there to set up a for grabbing beaters when you want to end. The generic tutors usually want to grab a dork early (Birds of Paradise), interaction mid (Shalai, Voice of Plenty), or a finisher late (Craterhoof Behemoth). All of the draw triggered by creature cast is pretty strong, but my personal favorite is Shamanic Revelation, as you often have at least 3 creatures that count towards the ferocious ability.
Selesnya has very good colors for removal of pretty much every permanent type. It has the added benefit of being in the color that has the easiest time getting around indestructible, though that is not relevant often in my meta. Having lots of interaction is good for battlecruiser; since our game plan has us build up over a long period, we can't have our opponents leaving us behind in terms of board state. Special shout out to Aura Shards; it's cheap and triggers off of the most abundant permanent type in the deck. It also triggers off tokens!

Protecting Wildlife

The creatures in the beater category are the end goal here. The deck goes taller than it does wide, but we don't mind flooding the board when we get the chance. The majority of these cards positively effect our board in some way, whether it be keywords or anthems. As may of them are on the higher end of the curve, they also have more mana symbols in their cost which helps our commander turn on and fight alongside the beasts. You'll find more often than not that Karametra has been on the board since turn 4-5 and probably only been removed as collateral by a mass exile. Serra Ascendant is the lowkey MVP if you can draw it early. It's one of the two only sources of lifegain in the deck, and it's a 1 mana 6/6. You might get focused early but the payoff is always worth it.
This is how we try to protect our woodland friends from deforestation and pollution. Since we usually build up our mana pool until we can vomit multiple threats all on one turn, we don't need to consistently have protection throughout the game, hence why there is a smaller amount of it. We have a little bit of something for a little bit of everything. We have anti-boardwipes, anti-counter magic, anti-sacrifice, and even anti-activated abilities. Asceticism is doubly useful for its hexproof and regeneration. Of course, Teferi's Protection is the be-all-end-all of 'playing it safe'.

Now that we understand the deck better, here's what I personally try to go for when playing.

I want to preface this by saying there are no infinite combos; they are frowned upon by both myself and my playgroup.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Hour of Revelation make for a nice one sided boardwipe

Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Shalai, Voice of Plenty make it so your opponents need mass bounce, mass exile, or exile Shalai

Craterhoof Behemoth + Avenger of Zendikar is a classic and doesn't need an explanation

Amulet of Vigor + Lotus Cobra make it so every trigger from Karametra gives you 2 mana

Tooth and Nail and Defense of the Heart are both versatile and both can assemble any number of strong synergies. One that I personally enjoy is grabbing Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and Thunderfoot Baloth; it's a P/T difference of 6 plus you get trample. It's never not a good idea to grab Craterhoof however, as it's probably solely responsible for a majority of my wins with this deck.

So there you have it! This deck is fun to play if you don't mind the build up, and once it hits, it hits hard. As we depart, two things. First, if you enjoyed the deck, please consider clicking this: +1 Upvote

Secondly, a warning; you and your playgroup may become aggravated with the number of times you have to search through your deck for lands or creatures. You've been warned!


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