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Karametra, the infinite improbability god.

Commander / EDH* Combo Competitive Control GW (Selesnya) Ramp



It's my first Selesnia deck. I have try many attempt to build something that seens coherent and efficient. At first I have try to stack the more landfall effect as possible, but I wasn't satifyed. The backbone idea as come to as I read an article on EDHREC about Karametra; https://articles.edhrec.com/the-knowledge-pool-karametra-god-of-harvests/ and https://articles.edhrec.com/pursuit-of-knowledge-selesnya/. The article was about building a Karametra deck full of creature with enter the battlefield effect. This is exactly my style of deck and I have a long history of building those kind of deck around green. I had build some with commander such as Momir Vig, Simic Visionary , Sapling of Colfenor , Damia, Sage of Stone and a few more. I also like building mono or dual color commamder deck. This make me save on the land. I like to use my land for mana and I alway's feel that land who enter the battlefield tapped can seriously hit hard the tempo. Then I mostly use only basic land or a very few amount of utility land who goes with the flow. For all those reason I have build this deck around a control style deck based on creature trigger and habilities and focus on the reward of playing creatures instead of landfall. The land given by Karametra will be the main ramp for the deck. Some mana dork have been add to help casting Karametra before turn 5.

As this is my first concrete Selesnya brew, I surely have miss some nasty combo or some utterly good card. This is where I ask for your suggestions and advisories.

If you are interested to see my other deck who have lead to the creation of this one, here is the list

Self Control Walk in the wood Stone Edge Wrath of God Walk in the Vastwood

Of course Wrath of God is'nt a creature based deck, but I had made deep research to find the best white creature for a non-stax control deck. So, no hate bears here. I want to keep my friends.


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